federal agents unload evidence during the first day of operation\
federal agents unload evidence during the first day of operation “southern sweep”

The times standard came out with an article that gives new detailed information about the group that was being investigated. The name of the group was Lost Paradise land corporation. I had heard a few comments and rumours about the group over a year ago. I spoke with a young man today that gave me quite a bit of insight into some of the details of the group. My source indicated to me that the house in Sunnybrae was 8 lights and two other homes that were searched contained 20 and 28 lights. All 3 of these homes were controlled by a single female who was also present during federal raids at Whale Gulch in 1996. I still need to verify a lot of this information. I’ll have more details tomorrow.


Fires still burning

July 3, 2008

10 miles south of Garberville

10 miles south of Garberville

One nice thing about driving back and forth between Arcata and Ukiah is watching the seasons change in such a beautiful area.  The past 10 days has been spent in amazement at the surreal apoctolyptic setting that currentlty surrounds us.  I know that the fires in Northern CA have caused a lot of problems, but its hard to deny how much it has helped take our minds off of measure B.  I never thought that I would see my home town so divided over a single issue.  To top it all off, the rercent ruling people vs. Kelly has caused even more confusion  and now even after measure B has been declared the winner people still dont know what to think.  A break in the silence occured today when the press democrat came out with the Sheriff stating that he will not uphold measure B until the people vs. Kelly ruling can be sorted out.

Press Democrat article

People Vs. Kelly