A big thanks goes out to Kym for getting in touch with me and making such an in depth posting about what we are trying to do at Grow magazine. I also appreciated the comments that have been posted on her blog so far. Seeing the positive responses to our project gives me much needed encouragement. I spoke with Kym about doing a story on the Hacker Creek diesel spill. If anyone is out there that has a picture or opinion that they would like to share for an article for the upcoming issue of Grow, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is humboldtgrow@gmail.com

Red Headed Blackbelt


A group of close friends and I celebrated the 4th at Mad River beach last night. It was an amazing experience. Pound for pound more fireworks than I have ever seen before. We must have seen at least 1,000 mortars go off. I am curious as to how much trash was left behind. We tried to pick up all of our trash, but I left with the feeling that we still left quite a mess. A friend of mine thought that the excessive amount of fireworks was directly related to all of the expendable income that comes from marijuana sales. I guess weed money is good for something.