Issue #3 is finally at the printers!!!

January 23, 2009



I know a lot of people were wondering if a third issue was ever ghoing to come out and I can say with pride and enthusiasm “YES”  The proof went to the printers today and should be in my hands by wednesday.  They will be available at Hemp Connection in Garberville and Humboldt Glassblowers in Arcata.  I had the opportunity to get some pretty crazy photos this time!

The part of the magazine that I am the most excited about are some overhead photos of gardens.

An overhead view of a marijuana garden

An overhead view of a marijuana garden


12 Responses to “Issue #3 is finally at the printers!!!”

  1. Kym said

    I’m looking forward to getting my copy. Will it be available in Mendocino?

  2. 420bay said

    How do I get this out here in Maui?

  3. sohumborn said

    Great! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. I’m looking forward to my copy too. Will it be sold in Eureka?

  5. Eric said

    Loving the cover!

  6. I bought my copy at Arcata Glassblowers. It’s beautiful and so informative. I’m surprised you are able to produce such a high quality publication with so little advertising. How do you do it?

  7. Nick said

    Can we get our hands on a copy here in North Dakota? been a long time since we’ve spoken buddy, thanks again for the help last summer… hope to see you soon.

  8. Mike said

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  9. Terry said

    What’s up?
    Are you still in business?

  10. Mitch said

    Awesome issue man! I just picked it up yesterday at Arcata Glassblowers.

  11. humboldtkids said

    if I have a growing question who can i ask?

  12. humboldtkids said

    sorry just making a joke…..

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