Trimmer stories

September 19, 2008

fiskars soaking in olive oil

fiskars soaking in olive oil

Kym has made a great posting on her blog addressing the issue of the annual trimmer influx that comes this time every year(check it out at  Personally, I get a kick out of seeing all of these crazy kids wandering up and down the 101 chasing their dreams of easy money and good times in Northern California.  Most of the trimmers I have met looking for jobs by the side of the road in Southern Humboldt have a hell of a time finding a job, and when they do, they rarely receive the amount of money they anticipated.

I understand that the trimming season brings in some bad folks too.  I was robbed in 2005 by a kid I picked up in Garberville.  He asked for a ride to Willits.  No problem.  He said his name was Jack Straw.  He Came all the way out here from Kansas.  He said he had a degree in Chemistry and was going to make large quantities of hash for a big grower in the hills around Willits.  While stopping in Laytonville he managed to take  everything of any value from my truck and dissapear.

I invite anyone and everyone to share their trimmer stories.  It can be autobiographical, rumour, I dont care I am just interested to hear what people have to say about it.

Update:  I have scoured cragslist, humboldt county and found a trimmer looking for work.

I am looking for trim jobs. I have my 215. If you can think of any other way to trust me let me know. I hope to hear from you!
Thanks Austin


5 Responses to “Trimmer stories”

  1. Kym said

    I remember hearing tales from friends during my highschool years of growers lining trails of coke and or speed on the table to keep pickers on the job. I wonder how good the trim was under the influence.

    Good to have you back. Looking forward to the CNBC interview with you.

  2. Kym said

    BTW, I just noticed the photo and cracked up. I remember someone calling Wissclips headquarters from KMUD many years ago and asking if the company was aware of why so much of their product was sold here. In my memory the guy was completely flabbergasted, then totally like wow man stoner for half a second before he remembered corporate reality. He did try to make a coherent comment that came out something like, “we just thought there were a lot of sewers in Northern california.”

  3. dave said

    I really like your web site. Would you mind if I put it on my favorite blogs list?
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Sence you bring up the wiss klips story (true). dose anyone remember the “product of the Redwood empier” pound bags, they were even at SafeWay in Fortuna as well as in SoHum!

    Speaking of wiss klips the tons of them at Murishs Market as you’d walk out by the cash reg’s.

    Also (not trim but of intrest) that back in the day Humboldt sold the most drip irr. of any place in the world, next to Isreal.

    Or the year of the Samon Creek murder think it was 1982 – I have the old Life Mag – anyway when the shariff was going house to house in the middle of harvest and searching to make sure people were safe and had ‘neghbors’ with them to let people know ‘it was cool’ and the Public Service anouncmants by the HCSD asking for “If you’ve killed the guy – drop off a body part so we can stop these searchs in the middle of harvest.

    I remember just totally tripping because the shariff seached our place on Elk Ridge – but he just went past ‘everything’ that was going on – “only looking to see if this guy(s) was hiding there – and make sure your family was safe.”

    — Finaly turned them selves in in Medsto as I recall – no where was safe everyone knew who it was … her ex-old man and his buddies … back claiming that he dug the holes last year – so part of this years was his … 1970… 80’s fun stuff …

    Oh as to the person who said “lines of coke” I heard about places like that – but people I knew were all family orendted – and didn’t get into that crap … lots of COFFEE and runs to the store for goodies – of course … we did chochlet not coke! But were into fresh greeens out of the garden too – and health life style vs. ‘nose candy’ – saw nice people ‘toot’ their whole trip away – its sad …

    Holy crap almost forgot – I started as a trimer – but didn’t know it – just walked into a buddies home and it was FULL of hangin weed – with his wife and kids there … I could see he was totally fried (tired) so I gave him a hand – and kept the wood stove stocked – and kept ‘shucken it down’ (back then there was so much – that you didn’t bother fine pruning / triming it untill later on – frist thing to do was just get it dry enough to store and pack away – because their was MORE —

    But I’m getting infront of myself – so I stay a few days and call in to work (go to the phone booth in the woods and call) and stick around and help him ‘clean up the mess’ — and sweep up …

    I get ready to leave and two things happen – frist he goes … “Hay wait give me a hand” —

    I say “what?” he says “We got to go get MORE …”

    and I go “MORE?” and he goes “there is ALWAYS MORE” — pre CAMP days – ya there WAS MORE – shit we only brought in a 1/10th if that much of everything –

    Then I go to go – and he goes “Oh here let me pay you!”

    – Hell I had no idea that I was being paid – I was just doing a buddy a favor! = my frist ‘trim’ job … my wife and I came back as soon as we got time off … of coruse

    — which reminds me – back in the day – restuants would be closed – and the local hosptial (Red Wood mamoral) would take off surgies – because there was NO ONE TO WORK – everyone – and I mean *EVERYONE* was in the hills triming or just bulk processing to get in as much as possable as the rains hit …

    Back then it was common to leave it in – untill the rains came .. now I hear people are trimming early – and look and see no rain and wonder what’s up – but I left that life some time ago …

    So there it be — some noize of the old days … I’ll see if I can find that LIFE MAG – or date it – also Time came out at the same time – old Dean w. (RIP) was in that one – pertty cool …

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