Outlaws for what?

July 10, 2008

Joe Hill is the adopted name of a long-time resident of Mendocino County, veteran of skirmishes with Power in the guerilla war for popular control of media.

I think a lot of things have to be changed if we hope to really enjoy life here or anywhere.

I certainly agree that straight talk about marijuana is important, but given all the serious problems we face, I see it as one of many factors to consider in surviving right now. From what I’ve seen, most marijuana growers, the vast majority, are in it for the money. And as far as I’m concerned that’s okay. It certainly no worse than working for a box store (which is killing downtown) and I’m glad some of the young folks have decided to stay here and grow pot rather than moving far away to work for Chevron or teach English Literature at UCSB or whatever.

The question is what are you (we) doing with the money we wrangled out of the marijuana industry?

That’s a question I’ve asked of some growers I know. What about contributing something to your community? Some of them scoffed at the idea. They would do it, maybe, if everyone else did. Some were at least tolerant of the idea. And a few of them I know are generous with their money and make significant contributions to the community. But I’ve never seen any actual organized effort on the part of growers to do something for the community.

A conscious public effort on the part of growers (not impossible to accomplish) would go a long way toward winning the next vote. And it might even feel good. It might even be a step in the right direction.

Woody Guthrie tells a story of Pretty Boy Floyd, the depression-era bank robber: “Every crime in Oklahoma was added to his name.” But on Christmas Day a carload of groceries appeared along with a note: “You say that I’m a robber, you say that I’m a thief. Well, here’s a Christmas dinner for the families on relief”

Do you know any grower who deserves the Pretty Boy Floyd Award?



3 Responses to “Outlaws for what?”

  1. Dear Joe,

    Your forgetting that growers are allready doing so many wonderful things, or did you forget where that spliff in your mouth came from? Not only do they provide decent paying jobs and provide much needed marijuana, they make an effort to only shop at local stores. And for doing all this what do they get, possible jail time! Even the stingy growers you speak of are creating christmas dinners just by doing what they do. Pretty Boy Floyd can only be likend to growers in his later years when he gave 100 dollar bills for a dinner (we eat local and leave many 100’s). Floyd was to lazy to grow so he stole, robbed banks and killed a deputy that spoke “in a manner rather rude” near his wife. Growers around here are more like a modern day Jesus’s then P Boy Floyds. Where are you from Joe, cuz I was born here not Oaklahoma.

    Farming Farmerton

  2. Silliness said

    I know quite a few growers and most of them go either to San Franciso, Portland or Las Vegas to do their major shopping. The only money they spend in SoHum is for the basic needs. Most major purchases are made either out of town or on-line. They don’t want anyone to know how much they are spending on what when it comes to big ticket items.

  3. NoHum local said

    Once we legalize, then they can start to pay their fair share of taxes and the rest of us can quit subsiding their lives (including their roads and their firefighters, to name just two examples).

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