Red Headed Blackbelt made a great posting about us!

July 6, 2008

A big thanks goes out to Kym for getting in touch with me and making such an in depth posting about what we are trying to do at Grow magazine. I also appreciated the comments that have been posted on her blog so far. Seeing the positive responses to our project gives me much needed encouragement. I spoke with Kym about doing a story on the Hacker Creek diesel spill. If anyone is out there that has a picture or opinion that they would like to share for an article for the upcoming issue of Grow, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is

Red Headed Blackbelt


7 Responses to “Red Headed Blackbelt made a great posting about us!”

  1. Kym said

    You are so passionate about your subject that you make an easy interview subject.

  2. Rose said

    It’s an interesting post, and an interesting concept you’ve got here.

  3. Kym said

    Have you had the interview with CNBC yet?

  4. Moniboniz said

    Hi people… 🙂

  5. George said

    Saw you on the MSNBC show on Marijuana and taped it on DVR. Still have it on tape to review again. Nice to know there are still areas to go for good pot for those of us that have had a gypsy life. Keep up the good work.

  6. Freeptlieft said

    Hello, I want to say hi everyone.

  7. amonJaNda said

    I am a newbie here.
    Glad to find this forum…as what I am looking for

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