Southern Sweep details slowly emerge

July 4, 2008

federal agents unload evidence during the first day of operation\
federal agents unload evidence during the first day of operation “southern sweep”

The times standard came out with an article that gives new detailed information about the group that was being investigated. The name of the group was Lost Paradise land corporation. I had heard a few comments and rumours about the group over a year ago. I spoke with a young man today that gave me quite a bit of insight into some of the details of the group. My source indicated to me that the house in Sunnybrae was 8 lights and two other homes that were searched contained 20 and 28 lights. All 3 of these homes were controlled by a single female who was also present during federal raids at Whale Gulch in 1996. I still need to verify a lot of this information. I’ll have more details tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Southern Sweep details slowly emerge”

  1. Oh snap! Much more info in that article. Thanks for the heads up Kym.

  2. I just read that Kellogs dropped Phelps as his behavior is inconsistant with the image of Kelloggs. Well just for the record I and everyone I can convince have just dropped all Kelloggs products and will never buy from their company again. Their reaction is totally inconsistant with modern realities in 2009. Goodbye Kelloggs.

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