Issue #4

September 19, 2009

Issue #4 was completed and distributed early August.  This was our best issue yet with lots of great articles from Kym, a.k.a. Redheaded Blackbelt.  For a look at the whole issue click here.



I know a lot of people were wondering if a third issue was ever ghoing to come out and I can say with pride and enthusiasm “YES”  The proof went to the printers today and should be in my hands by wednesday.  They will be available at Hemp Connection in Garberville and Humboldt Glassblowers in Arcata.  I had the opportunity to get some pretty crazy photos this time!

The part of the magazine that I am the most excited about are some overhead photos of gardens.

An overhead view of a marijuana garden

An overhead view of a marijuana garden

Marijuana Inc.

January 23, 2009

Trish Regan interviewing Eric Sligh

Trish Regan interviewing Eric Sligh

The documentary is finally out and I have to say I thought it was pretty good.  My expectations were not too high to begin with.  About midway through the filming, Trish Regan and the producer asked if it would be o.k. to shoot  a ten second promo in the gardenI was giving a tour of.  “Sure, why not” I replied thinking it was just another part of this t.v. thing I had gotten myself into.  By the time the producer and the crew had figured out where they wanted to shoot the promo, it was obvious that the crew needed an extra pair of hands to hold some lighting.  I quickly volunteered for the job.  Next thing I know I’m holding a large light about 6 inches away from her face  as she says the following:  “gangs, guns, and plenty of money…”  At that point I just about fell down.  Gangs???  come on…  Everything that I said in our interviews alluded to the idea that this area was not crawling with gangsters carrying weapons; that a huge portion of marijuana business was done with proffesionalism in a relatively peaceful environment.  Oh well, thats hollywood I guess.

I had a chance to sit down with Bruce Perlowin during the filming of the documentary and discuss some of his thoughts on the current legal/political environment.  The experience was both surreal and insightful.  It is rare that you can sit down with someone and get the facts about their marijuana smuggling enterprise.  i am hoping to do an interview with Bruce for the 4th issue of Grow.

Overall I thought that Johnathan Dann, the producer did a great job of telling the entire story, giving credit to both sides of the marijuana debate.

Trimmer stories

September 19, 2008

fiskars soaking in olive oil

fiskars soaking in olive oil

Kym has made a great posting on her blog addressing the issue of the annual trimmer influx that comes this time every year(check it out at  Personally, I get a kick out of seeing all of these crazy kids wandering up and down the 101 chasing their dreams of easy money and good times in Northern California.  Most of the trimmers I have met looking for jobs by the side of the road in Southern Humboldt have a hell of a time finding a job, and when they do, they rarely receive the amount of money they anticipated.

I understand that the trimming season brings in some bad folks too.  I was robbed in 2005 by a kid I picked up in Garberville.  He asked for a ride to Willits.  No problem.  He said his name was Jack Straw.  He Came all the way out here from Kansas.  He said he had a degree in Chemistry and was going to make large quantities of hash for a big grower in the hills around Willits.  While stopping in Laytonville he managed to take  everything of any value from my truck and dissapear.

I invite anyone and everyone to share their trimmer stories.  It can be autobiographical, rumour, I dont care I am just interested to hear what people have to say about it.

Update:  I have scoured cragslist, humboldt county and found a trimmer looking for work.

I am looking for trim jobs. I have my 215. If you can think of any other way to trust me let me know. I hope to hear from you!
Thanks Austin

IF you want an interesting historical breakdown of why marijuana is illegal this is a great piece of audio. Chomsky explains that it has nothing to do with the herb’s effects or danger but really was made illegal so the police could go after, harass and basically outlaw citizens or groups of people they didn’t like. For example in England at one point Gin was outlawed but not whiskey, poor people drank gin…

Marijuana prohibition was created just to target an ethnic group, it’s roots are extremely racist and have nothing to do with science or medicine, everyone thats ever wondered why the useful mj plant is illegal should check this out!

The Redwood grove that all of the locals know and love appears to have avoided the fire; at least the main grove.  There are several blogs maintained by families who live close to the fire that have been extremely informative. has been updating his collection of maps and photos.  All of them are very good

Outlaws for what?

July 10, 2008

Joe Hill is the adopted name of a long-time resident of Mendocino County, veteran of skirmishes with Power in the guerilla war for popular control of media.

I think a lot of things have to be changed if we hope to really enjoy life here or anywhere.

I certainly agree that straight talk about marijuana is important, but given all the serious problems we face, I see it as one of many factors to consider in surviving right now. From what I’ve seen, most marijuana growers, the vast majority, are in it for the money. And as far as I’m concerned that’s okay. It certainly no worse than working for a box store (which is killing downtown) and I’m glad some of the young folks have decided to stay here and grow pot rather than moving far away to work for Chevron or teach English Literature at UCSB or whatever.

The question is what are you (we) doing with the money we wrangled out of the marijuana industry?

That’s a question I’ve asked of some growers I know. What about contributing something to your community? Some of them scoffed at the idea. They would do it, maybe, if everyone else did. Some were at least tolerant of the idea. And a few of them I know are generous with their money and make significant contributions to the community. But I’ve never seen any actual organized effort on the part of growers to do something for the community.

A conscious public effort on the part of growers (not impossible to accomplish) would go a long way toward winning the next vote. And it might even feel good. It might even be a step in the right direction.

Woody Guthrie tells a story of Pretty Boy Floyd, the depression-era bank robber: “Every crime in Oklahoma was added to his name.” But on Christmas Day a carload of groceries appeared along with a note: “You say that I’m a robber, you say that I’m a thief. Well, here’s a Christmas dinner for the families on relief”

Do you know any grower who deserves the Pretty Boy Floyd Award?


The best m.j. ever?

July 6, 2008



A strain called headband has quickly become the most sought after strain in Humboldt County. Similar to Sour Diesel and O.G. kush, this strain smells amazing and is incredibly strong. I would have to say that this is the most desirable srtain of marijuana that I have ever come across. It’s exclusivity makes it pretty hard to find. Supposedly this strain is a mix of the O.G. and the Sour Diesel. A blueberry headband has also been propogated as of late.

A big thanks goes out to Kym for getting in touch with me and making such an in depth posting about what we are trying to do at Grow magazine. I also appreciated the comments that have been posted on her blog so far. Seeing the positive responses to our project gives me much needed encouragement. I spoke with Kym about doing a story on the Hacker Creek diesel spill. If anyone is out there that has a picture or opinion that they would like to share for an article for the upcoming issue of Grow, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is

Red Headed Blackbelt

A group of close friends and I celebrated the 4th at Mad River beach last night. It was an amazing experience. Pound for pound more fireworks than I have ever seen before. We must have seen at least 1,000 mortars go off. I am curious as to how much trash was left behind. We tried to pick up all of our trash, but I left with the feeling that we still left quite a mess. A friend of mine thought that the excessive amount of fireworks was directly related to all of the expendable income that comes from marijuana sales. I guess weed money is good for something.